Importance of a Website: 3 Reasons You Absolutely Need One for Today’s Digital Success

importance of website

Did you know that there are approximately two billion websites online today? With so much online competition, it’s no wonder some brands question the importance of websites. If you’re one of those people still questioning whether your brand needs a website, you need to ask yourself why you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon.

There’s one obvious reason why so many brands have turned to online marketing and business, and that is because it works.

The Importance of a Website in Today’s World

If you need a reason as to why a website is necessary in today’s world, here’s one thing you must keep in mind: Your customers expect it.

That’s right.

Think about it for a moment; if you are interested in a particular brand or product, what’s the first thing you are likely to do? Search the internet for it. You want to see the brand’s website, read customer reviews, and gather as much information as possible. Don’t believe me? Research shows that 30% of consumers will not do business with a brand if they do not have an active, updated website.

3 Reasons Why a Website is Necessary

Still, questioning the importance of having a website? Then here are three reasons why it’s an absolute necessity in today’s world:

1. Helps Your Audience Find You

I already touched on the fact that your potential consumer is searching the web for you, whether you have a site or not. However, when you do have an optimized website up and running, you are giving search engines the opportunity of helping your consumers find you, instead of them blindly scouring the internet.

2. Draw in Potential Leads

Not only does having an optimized website help your audience find you, but allows you an opportunity to maximize your content marketing. When it comes to the importance of website design, a big part of it is continuously updating it with content that your audience finds both relevant and interesting. This can be in the form of blogs, downloadable content, and curated stories. The more content you share, the more authority you build amongst your audience. The more authority you have, the more people will value what you have to say, leading them to potentially becoming a customer.

3. Additional Source of Income

With all the content you’ll be creating and sharing on your website, you may choose to place some items behind a paywall. This is known as gated content – content that your audience must pay for to download or otherwise gain access to. This type of content also helps you build that authority mentioned earlier, which can help you bring in more potential leads.

Not Sure If You Need A Website? Let’s Chat

Sure, while there is a lot of emphasis on the importance of a website for the customer benefit, it’s important to keep in mind that it is a vital part of your overall business strategy. In my online course, The Path to Digital Success , we not only talk about your brand strategy but how to grow your brand into a successful online business.

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